Membership in the Children's Book Guild is by nomination and election. The Guild is open to writers and illustrators of children's books, specialists in children's literature, and organizations dedicated to the goals of the Guild. There are three categories of membership: Active (voting), Inactive (nonvoting), and Nonresident (nonvoting).

Active members include authors, illustrators, institutions and organizations related to the field of children’s literature and other specialists in children's literature. Authors and illustrators must constitute at least two-thirds of the active membership, with the specialists constituting no more than one-fifth of the total active individual memberships. Exceptions may be made by a simple majority of the Executive Committee if recommended by the President and/or Membership Chair.  Active members are expected to attend at least three meetings within a program year and contribute to Guild activities.

Individuals interested in being considered for membership typically attend several meetings and are then sponsored for membership, contact us.  Authors and illustrators should have published at least two books with a reputable publisher within the past five years. Nominees for membership must receive the approval of no less than two-thirds of the combined Executive and Membership Committee members in order to be elected to membership.



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