Elisa Carbone tells the story of the U.S. Life-Saving Service (USLSS) along the eastern seaboard in a picture book - Heroes of the Surf, to be published in May by Viking, with illustrations by Nancy Carpenter.

cover of Heroes of the Surf"Based on a true story of shipwreck and rescue, Carbone's tale is leavened with narration by Anthony, a venturesome lad whose penchant for playing pirates helps him through the harrowing event....Carbone's text conveys a compelling "you are there" tone as Anthony prepares to ride the breeches buoy: "I swing out into open space. Below me, waves crash and twist like angry snakes. Will the ropes hold?" ... Riveting reading, well-timed for the centennial of the Titanic's sinking."
Kirkus Reviews

“Carbone’s tale revolves around two real-life boys aboard the Pliny. Although she doesn’t know their names, nor what they did while sailing, she’s created a plausible backstory about their fascination with ships and pirates…A comprehensive author’s note, describing what Carbone knows and what she fictionalizes as well as information about the ULSS, rounds out this spirited introduction to historical fiction.”
The Horn Book Magazine



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