StudioPAUSE logoNew Guild member Sushmita Mazumdar, best known so far for her elegant and creative handmade storybooks, has now opened StudioPAUSE, 2421 26th Road South, Arlington, VA 22206. Sush will display her own artwork but also hold classes and community events.

As Sush explains it,

“I believe that everybody is creative and everyone has stories to tell—we just don’t explore them, or we are shy to share them. All because we don’t have the time and we don’t think anyone cares.

And that’s why we need to PAUSE.

People: We are inspired by everyday People because they are creative and they know a lot

Art: Everyone has Art in them and should get to explore and enjoy it

Understand: Art and Stories help us Understand the people around us and the things they love

Share: We Share our stories graciously and take graciously as we learn about each other

Explore: What will we discover about ourselves, as we Explore our senses and our emotions?”

When Sush became a member of the Guild earlier this year, a fellow Guild member who had taken one of her workshops said Sush “has more energy than anyone I know and about a million ideas a minute.”  Now those ideas have a place to grow.   Do you have an idea? Share it with Sush!

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Folded book by Sush

Folded Book by Sush



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