An Open Book Foundation is joining the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten campaign by expanding its author visit programs to include preschool Headstart programs.  Authors visit the preschool programs and every child goes home with a book.

An Open Book Foundation, led by Guild members Dara LaPorte and Heidi Powell, continues its full schedule of bringing authors to disadvantaged children in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Many Guild members have enjoyed these opportunities.

Children at Bancroft Elementary School enjoying Zapato Power books by Jacqueline JulesMost recently, Jacqueline Jules took Zapato Power to Bancroft Elementary School and Debbie Levy spent a musical morning at Savoy Elementary School with We Shall Overcome.

Debbie Levy at Savoy Elementary School

Susan Stockdale at Wheaton Woods Elementary SchoolSusan Stockdale said she spent a delightful morning presenting Stripes of All Types to first and second graders at Wheaton Woods Elementary School in Montgomery County. “Dara La Porte, Aino Askgaard and Lucia Saperstein of Open Book carefully tended to all the logistical details so that I could focus on my presentations. There were many Hispanic children in the audience, so when I read some of my bilingual book, Stripes of All Types, in Spanish, they beamed! Open Book had brought copies of the book for all the students, and we had such fun handing them out. The children were clearly so appreciative and excited to have their very own book.

“There is so much genuine heart and passion behind Open Book’s mission to celebrate the joy of reading with disadvantaged students. Thanks for including me in your good work, Open Book!”

Jules echoes these sentiments. “There is something special about having a connection with the author of a book you are reading. Maybe you found out where the author got the idea or how the book was researched. Whatever you learned from the author enriches the reading experience. That is why avid readers will seek out author presentations.

“An Open Book Foundation provides this experience for children, giving them the same opportunity to connect with authors and reading that adults enjoy. Better yet, An Open Book provides free books for the children it serves. Children's authors love to see kids reading their books. It can be frustrating to visit a school and find out that the library has not yet received the author's books and the children do not have access to the books. As an author, it was very exciting to see the students receive my books directly after my Open Book presentation.  The sight of their eager faces reading them right away was very heartwarming.”

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