Little Lantern And The Dark & Moonless Night: A Handmade Storybook On Diwali

Little Lantern and the Dark and Moonless Night

Book artist Sushmita Mazumdar writes: "Little Lantern and the Dark and Moonless Night is a storybook about finding your light and showing the way. The story follows a Little Lantern made of earth, water and fire who doesn’t know how she can help the Writer celebrate Diwali, a grand and centuries-old tradition from India she knows nothing about. But with the Potter’s inspired designs and the Writer's trust she learns that her tiny light has the power to bring color to the whole world.

"As a book artist, I write a story while imagining how the book format itself can be the illustration. In this case I started with my own memories of creating rangolis (floor designs using colorful sand) during my childhood in India. Then I began to discover inspiration everywhere! From my potter friend Jeff’s beautiful lanterns to folios of Persian calligraphy in a museum to a conversation with a woman on an airplane, I wove together these bits and pieces to create a handmade storybook in which the pages are the illustrations and the center spread is the grand finale, where the ceramic lantern is placed." Additional information can be found at



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