Baby AnimalsAuthor Marfé Ferguson Delano’s book Baby Animals will be published in July by National Geographic Kids. It is a part of the Explore My World picture book series that combines stories and photographs to help children as they begin to explore the world around them through books.

Stripes of All Types (bilingual edition)Susan Stockdale’s vibrant, rhyming nature book, Stripes of All Types (Peachtree Publishers) has been published as a board book, perfectly sized for little hands. Kirkus Reviews lauded Stripes as “a feast for the eyes…” Her work celebrates the visual wonder and artistry found in nature, while also fostering respect and knowledge of the natural world.
SpoilsTammar Stein’s YA novel Spoils is out in paperback. Written for grades 7 and up, Spoils tells the story of Leni, years after her family won a 22-million dollar lottery. Now the money is about to run out, except for a million dollar trust fund Leni is about to receive for her 18th birthday. Her parents expect her to give the money to them, but after watching them squander their winnings, Leni is conflicted on how to deal with her imminent windfall. Spoils weaves together themes of money and happiness, and being careful what you wish for.  Publisher’s Weekly calls it “a moving and insightful novel.”
Beyond the Flush: From Waste Water to Clean WaterAuthor Amy Hansen’s new e-book Beyond the Flush: From Waste Water to Clean Water was published in Spring 2015 by Schoolwide, Inc.
We're Getting a PetI'm a BallerinaAuthor Sue Fliess’ Little Golden Books We’re Getting a Pet and I’m a Ballerina will be published July 14 by Random House Kids.  Sue has published several picture books in the Little Golden Books series.



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