Good Crooks: Sniff a SkunkThe third book in Mary Amato's Good Crooks series, Sniff a Skunk (Illustrated by Ward Jenkins), has been released in all formats. In these chapter books, the twins of infamous crooks have a big problem: unlike their parents, they want to do good deeds.
Melonhead and the Later Gator PlanKaty Kelly's latest, Melonhead and the Later Gator Plan, came out this spring. It is the sixth book in the Melonhead series.

Sew Zoey: Bursting at the SeamsSew Zoey: Clothes MindedCaroline Hickey's two latest books in the Sew Zoey series, Bursting at the Seams (#10) and Clothes Minded (#11), have been released by Simon & Schuster. The series chronicles the adventures of a 12-year-old girl who makes a name for herself designing and sewing clothes. They're published under the pseudonym Chloe Taylor. Hickey’s next two Sew Zoey books will come out in 2016.



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