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Gilly Hopkins Goes to the Big Screen

Katherine Paterson’s National Book Award winner, The Great Gilly Hopkins, has been made into a movie, set for release this Fall with an all-star cast including Academy Award winning actresses Kathy Bates and Octavia Spencer, Glenn Close, Sophie Nelisse, Will Cobbs, and Julia Stiles. Gilly is an audacious 12-year-old girl who has spent a life-time in foster care and dreams of being reunited with a mother she has never met. Instead, she winds up in the home of a woman named Maime Trotter and plans to leave the first chance she gets. Of course, things don’t quite turn out as planned. The movie has received rave reviews in France; and, in the words of Patterson, “I've seen the movie multiple times, and friends, it is just lovely.”  Watch the trailer here.



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