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Finding India

Brenda Seabrooke’s new YA book, Finding India, is out on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. It tells the story of Laura who, after graduation, takes a spur-of-the-moment trip to India and is overwhelmed by this exotic, vibrant and dangerous world. It is written for a YA audience, but is also suitable for middle grade readers.

The Dragon That Slurped the Green Slime Swamp

Alastair McKnight and friends go on a camping trip with Uncle George to look for the Lizard Man in The Dragon That Slurped The Green Slime Swamp.  Alastair smuggles his dragon on the trip so he won't be home alone and sad. Mr. Hobson turns up with his garden club and an orchid society. And there is something with red eyes in the green water to contribute to bedlam in the swamp. Available in paperback on Amazon.

The Care and Feeding of Dragons

Alastair McKnight must leave his dragon home alone when school starts in The Care And Feeding Of Dragons. Then he must face a new dragon and merry mayhem ensues with dragon-nappers and neighbor Mr. Hobson. Middle grade. Available in paperback on Amazon and ebook on Kindle. In hardback (Penguin) at the Royal Oak Bookshop.

The Dragon That Ate Summer
Alastair McKnight devises a dog-powered skateboard in The Dragon That Ate Summer.  This works fine until the dog Gruesome sees a cat. Alastair breaks his collarbone and doesn't go to camp with his friends but finds something amazing in the petunias. And then his summer takes off. Middle grade. Available in paperback on Amazon and ebook on Kindle. In hardback (Putnam) at the Royal Oak Bookshop.




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