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Sue Fliess has two more books out this year:

Goblin HoodGOBLIN HOOD, out August 15 with Grosset & Dunlap, is a Robin Hood-Halloween mashup. Goblin Hood, the protector of Scarewood Forest and the gremlins who make Halloween candy, must fight off an evil witch who has cast a spell on Scarewood Forest in order to take all the candy for herself.  Watch the trailer.

From Here to ThereFROM HERE TO THERE, out November 1 with Albert Whitman & Company, is the story of how true friendship knows no boundaries. Here and There are so similar they’re practically twins. But they could never play together because Here is always here and There is always there, so they become pen pals and write to each other all the time. One day, There gets an idea that could change the distance between them forever.

Claudia Mills has three new books out this year: Cody Harmon, King of Pets (FSG, which received a starred review from Kirkus and was an Amazon Best Book of the Month for June); The Trouble with Babies (Knopf); and a middle-grade novel out in September from FSG, Write This Down (about the ethical dilemma a seventh-grade writer faces when her dream of publication can be achieved only at the cost of revealing a family secret).

Cody Harmon, King of PetsWrite This DownThe Trouble With Babies

Magnetic MagicTerry Jennings’ new book, Magnetic Magic, comes out on August 30 from Arbordale. Dena loves using magnets to perform magic tricks for the kids at the pool. When Enrique arrives in town, he doesn’t like that Dena is fooling the others. He gives her a century-old treasure map and Dena uses her compass and tools to plot the location of the treasure. To her surprise, the treasure is not where it should be! What could cause her compass to lead her off course?

Together ForeverMary Quattlebaum's chapter book Together Forever!: True Stories of Amazing Animal Friendships is just out from National Geographic Kids.  BFFs include a chicken and a disabled Chihuahua, a goat and a donkey, and a cheetah cub and a dog.
The Capybara Conspiracy: A Novel in Three ActsErica Perl reports 2016 is definitely the year of the capybara. From "Bonnie and Clyde," the zoo escapees in Toronto, to the Olympic capybaras on Rio's golfing greens, to the capybaras that were on NPR and in the New Yorker this week, cappy-mania is clearly in full swing. And to round things out, Erica's next middle grade novel, THE CAPYBARA CONSPIRACY: A NOVEL IN THREE ACTS comes out October 11, 2016 from Knopf. SLJ says, "This is a perfect read for fans of Louis Sachar and Andrew Clements. A delightful read that begs to be performed aloud." PW says, "Perl’s novel zips along thanks to all the back-and-forth dialogue . . . an unexpected ending and comprehensive notes on how to stage the play round out an amusing tale"; and Kirkus says, "Humorous and cleverly constructed, this deserves a 'hoof five.'" (that's a book reference, and it's a good thing!).

Sofia Martinez: The Beach TripSofia Martinez: Lights OutJacqueline Jules is pleased to share news of the publication of the latest two titles in her early reader series about spunky Sofia Martinez. In The Beach Trip, Sofia packs games rather than clothes for a family vacation--with unexpected consequences. In Lights Out, Sofia’s family is without power after a strong storm. Sofia and Papá head to the store to buy supplies and come home with the perfect plan to have fun.
Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Rules New YorkFreddie Ramos is back with a new adventure in Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Rules New York. In the sixth book of this award-winning series by Jacqueline Jules, Freddie and his mom go to New York City to visit Uncle Jorge. Just before they leave, Mr. Vaslov gives Freddie a new pair of zapatos to replace the ones that were getting too small. Will his new zapatos be as fast as his old ones? And will Freddie be able to help his Uncle Jorge in the middle of a New York City traffic jam?



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