Of the twenty-six charter members, some were authors of children's books: Catherine Cate Coblentz, Martha Ward Dudley, Delia Goetz, Alberta Powell Graham, Frances Carpenter Huntington, Eloise Lownsbery, Helen Nicolay, Cornelia Spencer, Helen Orr Watson, and Hazel Wilson. Iris Beatty Johnson was an illustrator; and Ellis Credle, Janice Holland, Miriam Clarke Potter, and Hilda Van Stockum were authors as well as illustrators. Barbara Nolen was an editor and an author.

As is the case today, some early Guild members were not creators of books but people whose work was concerned with children's reading. These were librarians: Margaret Carmichael, Helen Evans, and Isabel Stephens; Nora Beust of the U.S. Office of Education; Harriet Houdaille of the American Association of University Women; Matilda Young of the Children's Museum of Washington; Sallie Marks of the Institute of Interlarding Affairs; and last, but by no means least, a rather large contingent representing the Association for Childhood Education International: Mary Leap, Frances Mayfair, and Vireo Van Darn.

The charter members were a remarkable group of women, and we wish that time and space might permit complete biographies of each.

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