Author: Hyattsville, MD
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Books: Fiction, grades 7 and up - The Silver Kiss, Blood and Chocolate; Freaks: Alive, on the Inside!;
Fiction, grades 4 up - Alien Secrets.
Fee: In the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan areas--$300 for one session; $400 for two sessions back to back; $75 for each additional presentation. Out-of-town-fees-- $1200 a day plus travel expenses. The inviting organization is asked to make the lodging arrangements.
Availability: I will do presentations for young people in 5th grade through high school, and for teachers, librarians, and other adult groups. I have a full time job as a librarian to plan around, so contact me well in advance of your event. I prefer to be contacted by E-mail. If you don't have access to e-mail you may call me to make a brief first contact: 240-777-0058. I do not sell books--this is forbidden in my contracts with my publishers. However, I will be glad to sign books if you make arrangements with a local bookstore or my publishers to provide copies of my books. (Publishers will usually give libraries and schools a very good discount).
Features: I enjoy talking to people of all ages about how I write and how my life has influenced my work, and I would be happy to participate in writing workshops with young people. I can bring examples of past manuscripts in various stages of the publishing process, sketches of proposed cover art, titles that didn't make it, and foreign editions of my work. I would be glad to talk to adult audiences about the appeal of horror to children and young adults, why I wrote a science fiction book for girls, or why I wrote a book about human oddities.; I can also share with an audience what it's like to have a book made into a movie, or you may tempt me with any topic you feel I may have something to say about. I enjoy informal settings with lots of time for questions and (hopefully) answers, but I don't mind standing on a stage with a microphone if that's the most efficient way to reach a large audience. Of course, having a microphone usually inspires me to lead a group howl to demonstrate how I got into the mood to write about Vivian, my werewolf girl. Ahwoooooooooooooooo!



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