Author: Virginia
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Historical novels, mysteries and adventure thrillers for juveniles and teens: The Place at the Edge of the Earth; The Year the Wolves Came (a Prairie Pasque Award Nominee); Music from the Dead; The Listeners; Class Trip (an Edgar Award Nominee); Class Trip II; Love You to Death; The Doomsday Mall Series (Six Books); My Sister, My Sorrow; The Girls for Miss Minsham's Series (Three Books).
Fee: Single session, $300. Fee discounts negotiable for multiple sessions.
Availability: School programs for children- grades 6 through H.S. Also presentations for adult groups (conferences, libraries, clubs). Virginia, Maryland. Will travel farther afield, provided travel and hotel expenses paid.
Features: How a Book Comes to Be, a discussion of the writing of one or more of my books, answering the most frequently asked questions: Where do you get your ideas? Do you use real people in your books? Real events? How do you research a historical novel? How do you write a mystery? And finally, since many of my books feature a ghost or a paranormal experience: Do you really believe in ghosts and the supernatural?

A lively, humorous lecture, with plenty of time allotted for questions and audience participation.



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