Photographer, Author, Photojournalist: (Annapolis,MD); 410-268-9664 - Leave message with your evening number.
Books: All grades - nonfiction: Tree Trunk Traffic; Lily Pad Pond; It's an Armadillo!; Backyard Hunter: The Praying Mantis; The Secretive Timber Rattlesnake; Wasps at Home; The Atlantic Salmon; Monarch Butterflies; Compost Critters; A Gathering of Garter Snakes; Mangrove Wilderness; Killer Bees; Tundra Swans.
Fee: Talks to schools: (In one location) $500 for half a day (three presentations morning or afternoon), $800 for full day (six presentations).
Availability: Children all grades and adult groups, anywhere as long as travel and hotel expenses are paid for.
Features: Bianca shows slides and talks about highlights of her adventurous 18 year career as a staff photographer for National Geographic where she specialized in photographing animals and nature. She talks about her books, the animals in her books, how she became a photographer, how she gets her ideas and how the books are made. She encourages questions. See and hear Bianca and read about her work at



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