Susan Roth’s original collage artwork from bestseller Listen to the Wind:The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea is on display at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan through January 11. Susan will lead a collage workshop at the museum on Sunday, December 6.  The New York Times bestseller tells the story of Greg Mortenson's Central Asia Institute and his campaign to build schools in Pakistan.

Time Out: New York reviewer Raven Snook writes that “Although the illustrations pop off the printed page (a copy of the book is available to leaf through), when seen in their three-dimensional glory, they dazzle in their intricacy. Finely sliced paper looks like real-life hair; paper apricots somehow have the texture of fruit. Roth’s tools are also showcased, and there’s not a pen, pencil or paintbrush in sight. (She cuts and glues her collages by hand, eschewing preliminary sketching). Inspired by Pakistani artifacts made from recycled items (such as a hat beautifully ornamented with broken zippers and fractured computer chips, which is also on display), Roth primarily used found objects to create the pictures for Listen to the Wind.

"In addition to the framed collages, you'll see a bright yellow banner adorned with an array of paper dolls running atop the exhibition wall. These are self-portraits created by kids from all over the world. All of the figures in the multicultural mélange are holding hands, a moving representation of the book’s message about reaching across the divide to help one another.”



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