Amy S. Hansen’s Bugs and Bugsicles, (Robert Clement Kray, illustrator, Boyds Mills Press, 2010) has been named an outstanding natural history book for young readers by the John Burroughs Association.

The John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Young Readers, established
in 1988, is named in honor of the Hudson river naturalist and essayist.  A pioneer
of nature study, John Burroughs (1837-1921) was one of America’s most widely
read authors.  A hundred years ago, his nature essays for children were
published in special school editions and caused nature study to blossom in
classrooms all over America.  In recognizing his efforts to awaken interest in
young naturalists, the Association has selected books that present perceptive
and artistic accounts of direct experiences in the world of nature.


Amy will be honored at the annual meeting of the Burroughs Association at a luncheon on April 4 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

“ In an appealing, conversational tone, the author includes information about life cycles, perferred habitats and living arrangements. ...This is the first title for young readers in 25 years to offer an answer. ... A splendid addition to the science shelf. "  Kirkus

"Hansen provides not only a great title but also an eye-opening world of detail on how summer’s visible insects adapt to winter. ... Hansen’s prose is that of a talented and confident science teacher."
Reviewer: Mary Harris Russell, professor emeritus of English at Indiana University Northwest, Chicago Tribune

Each insect is illustrated with breathtaking detail, and the manuscript could be incorporated in any elementary classroom. This would be a perfect book to read with children in the autumn months, when insects are beginning to "disappear."  Children’s Literature

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