Debbie Levy's The Year of Goodbyes is a 2012 Charlotte Award nominee AND on the VOYA Nonfiction Honor List for 2010.

The Charlotte Award is named for the main character in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. Given by the New York State Library Association to authors and illustrators of outstanding literature, the goal is to encourage students to become life-long readers.  Students in New York State read the titles and vote for their favorites.

Debbie says in her blog,  “I'm really happy to know that my mother's story will be reaching these readers.”

Books on the VOYA list are intended for middle school/junior high readers and contain some element(s) that raise them above others on the same topic, such as unique research, creative presentation, inventive use of photography, or filling a middle grade niche.

The Year of Goodbyes is the story of Debbie’s mother Jutta who was living in Germany in 1938 – until she escaped with her family hours before the Gestapo passed through her neighborhood.

"Poignant and chilling...immensely powerful."  Kirkus, starred review












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