Guild members Erica Perl, Katy Kelly and Mary Quattlebaum are taking part in Hope for Henry Reads, an offshoot of the original Hope for Henry program, which improves the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses by providing carefully chosen gifts and specially-designed programs to entertain and promote comfort, care and recovery. Laurie Strongin founded the organization to honor the memory and spirit of her 7-year old son Henry.

Erica writes of her experience reading and signing books at The Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown Hospital:


“My visit was wonderful.  It was a party-like atmosphere - cupcakes and all, with a selection of my books for all who attended to chose from.  The kids who attended (ages one to ten) were terrific - fully engaged and excited by the event - and it clearly brought joy to the whole unit, with nurses, doctors, parents, therapists and siblings all gathering around and joining in the fun.  The Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown Hospital is an upbeat place, with a full art center, bright colors, toys and books, but it is still in a hospital.  Everyone seemed thrilled to take a break, be silly, and enjoy a read-aloud together (the motto of Hope for Henry is "live well and laugh hard").  At the end, I signed, gave hugs, and signed extra books for kids in upstairs units who were too immune-compromised to participate.  I truly got as much out of it - or more - as the kids did!”



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