Why would a baker’s half-dozen of popular children’s illustrators each create a mock cover for a nonfiction picture book Marc Tyler Nobleman has written but has not sold to a publisher?

The answer may be found on Marc Tyler Nobleman’s website, where he explains that his book is about the Japanese World War II Navy pilot Nobuo Fujita, who launched his two-seater seaplane off a submarine and hit the woods outside tiny Brookings, Oregon. He was the first (and still only) wartime enemy to complete an aerial attack on American soil.

Twenty years later, amid a blaze of controversy, the town of Brookings invited Nobuo back. Though nervous, he felt an obligation to say yes. He brought his family's 400-year-old samurai sword, the same he had taken on every war mission. Always a man of honor and now a man of peace, he planned to gift it to the town. He would be devastated if his onetime targets did not forgive him...

What is most unusual is that seven artists and a host of children have created covers for Marc’s unpublished book – take a look here and see where the project is now!



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