Katy Kelly’s Melonhead is BackMelonhead and the Vegalicious Disaster

Katy Kelly announces the publication of her third Melonhead book – Melonhead and the Vegalicious Disaster. Not only is Melonhead's new fifth-grade teacher notoriously strict and mean, his mother is making him eat more and more vegetables. So Melonhead and his pals come up with a genius idea to get out of eating his mom's vegalicious meals, all the while convincing her that they actually love them. But the genius idea leads to totally unexpected and stinky results!

Did you know that Melonhead is based on Katy’s brother Michael? Read more from Katy, Melonhead and the first two books in the series: Melonhead and Melonhead and the Big Stink. Katy is also the author of the Lucy Rose series.



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