The Journey Back cover.Priscilla Cummings’ new novel, The Journey Back, is out in October, published by Dutton Children's Books. It's a middle grade novel that follows up on one of the characters from Priscilla's previous novel Red Kayak, which was a 2006 American Library Association (ALA) Best Books for Young Adults.

In The Journey Back, an angry fourteen-year-old Digger is on the run, hijacking a tractor trailer, "borrowing" a bicycle, and stealing a canoe. When injuries stop him, Digger hides at a riverside campground, where he befriends a young boy and a girl his own age. New friends, a job caring for rescued horses, and risking his life to save another make Digger realize that the journey back is not just about getting home, it's about discovering what he's really running from, and how to come to terms with his troubled past.



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