The Bronte Sisters by Catherine Reef Catherine Reef’s newest biography, The Brontȅ Sisters: The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily and Anne, is a “beautifully written and researched account,” according to the New York Times review by Pamela Paul:

“Reef’s multiple biography (centered on Charlotte) reads like a novel, with rich and evocative language. There’s more woe than happiness to be found here, but there’s literary inspiration aplenty.”

Jepp, Who Defied the Stars by Katherine Marsh In Jepp, Who Defied the StarsKatherine Marsh “transcends genre to create an engaging narrative complex enough to keep not-so-young adults turning its pages.”

“Narrating a young adult novel from a dwarf’s perspective is nothing short of inspired,” writes New York Times reviewer Kathryn Harrison. Jepp, a young dwarf and court jester, struggles with questions about his identity, his size and his destiny. Marsh “delves into these perennial adolescent challenges while transporting her readers to a tiny island in Denmark in the late 16th century . . . Readers will feel an immediate sympathy for the eternally child-size Jepp, allowed the luxuries of court life for the price of his dignity.”



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