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Carol Schwartz ­As a professional artist, Carol has worked with a wide variety of clients, and her illustrations have been published in magazines, newspapers, advertising, and books for children. Her artwork has appeared in over 50 picture books.

In 1991, she illustrated the children's book, Sea Squares, by Joy Hulme that was selected as an Outstanding Science Trade Book by the National Science Teachers Association and the Children’s Book Council. It was also a Children’s Choice for 1992 and selected for the Original Art exhibition at the Society of Illustrators for 1992. It was followed by over fifty other titles, including The Maiden of Northland by Aaron Shepard, an Aesop Accolade List book, Thinking about Ants by Barbara Brenner, an Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children, and a six book “Hide and Seek Science” series for Scholastic. Her work has been selected for exhibition at The Society of Illustrators in New York and many times by The Illustrator’s Club of Washington DC. The EdPress Association of America has also honored her. Carol’s work is included in the Society of Illustrators permanent collection from the exhibition Women Illustrators Past and Present.

Carol has visited hundreds of elementary schools and libraries, speaking to students about her work and artistic process. She also makes presentations at conferences and colleges, such as Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Frostburg State University, the Kansas City Art Institute, the Corcoran School of Art and the Cincinnati Art Museum.

As a child growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, she dreamed of becoming an artist. Her mother enrolled her in art classes at a young age. Carol attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the Rhode Island School of Design. For many years she lived with her family in the Washington, DC area. Life has taken her on an adventure to Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and now Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she continues to combine her love of nature and animals in her illustration work.

Carol currently teaches illustration at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She recently earned her MFA in Illustration from the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

She is fortunate to have two passions, teaching and illustrating, both providing valuable experiences full of inspiration and satisfaction.


How Strong is an AntHow Strong is an Ant?: And Other Questions About Bugs and Insects
Written by Mary Kay Carson
2014 Sterling Children's BooksHardback / Paperback
ISBN-10: 1-4549-0685-5 / ISBN-13: 978-1-4549-0685-8


How Does Seed SproutHow Does a Seed Sprout?: :And Other Questions About Plants
Written by Melissa Stewart
2014 Sterling Children's BooksHardback / Paperback
ISBN-10: 1-4549-0671-5 / ISBN-13: 978-1-4549-0671-1

Tell Me TreeTell Me Tree
Written by Rita Folse Elliot
2014 New South Associates, Inc.Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-682-02836-0

WhalesWhales Storytime Stickers
Written by Kim Norman
2012 Sterling Children's BooksPaperback
ISBN: 978-1-4027-7350-1


What If There Were No Sea OttersWhat If There Were No Sea Otters?
Written by Suzanne Slade
2011 Picture Window BooksPaperback
ISBN: 978-1-4048-6397-2

What If There Were No BeesWhat If There Were No Bees?
Written by Suzanne Slade
2011 Picture Window BooksPaperback
ISBN: 978-1-4048-6394-1
What If There Were No Gray WolvesWhat If There Were No Gray Wolves?
Written by Suzanne Slade
2011 Picture Window Books
ISBN: 978-1-4048-6395-8


What If There Were No LemmingsWhat If There Were No Lemmings?
Written by Suzanne Slade
2011 Picture Window BooksPaperback
ISBN: 978-1-4048-6396-5

Written by Megan E. Bryant
2008 Paperback Grosset & Dunlap ISBN 978-0-448-44834-3

Best Friends the True Story of Owen and Mzee
Written by Roberta Edwards
2007 * Softcover * Grosset & Dunlap * ISBN 978-0-448-44567-0

Emperor Penguins
Written by Roberta Edwards
2007 * Softcover * Grosset & Dunlap * ISBN 978-0-448-44664-6

Freckles and The Great Beach Rescue
Written by Ellen Bryant Lloyd
2005 * Hardcover * Butterfly Creations, Inc. * ISBN 0-9650449-1-2

Wild Fibonacci
Written by Joy N. Hulme
2005 * Hardcover * Tricycle Press * ISBN: 1-58246-154-6

Over in the Rain Forest
Written by Connie and Peter Roop
2003 * Paperback * Scholastic * ISBN:0-439-40980-2

Come and count with peccaries, piranhas, kinkajous and many other Rain Forest animals with the rhythms and rhymes of the folk song "Over in the Meadow."

Over in the Arctic
Written by Connie and Peter Roop
2003 * Paperback * Scholastic * ISBN:0-439-40979-9

Come and count with belugas, caribou, bears and many other Arctic animals with the rhythms and rhymes of the folk song "Over in the Meadow."

Starfish: Stars of the Sea (Hello Science Reader, Level 1)
Written by Connie and Peter Roop
2001; Paperback; Scholastic; ISBN:0-439-33013-0 ; $3.99

Simple rhyming text describes the characteristics and behaviors of starfish.


Flying Bats! (Hello Science Reader Level 1)

Written by Fay Robinson
2001 ; Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-439-33013-0 ; $3.99

This Hello Reader focuses on a variety of bats and their daily life.

Octopus Under the Sea
Written by Connie and Peter Roop
Hello Science Reader Level 1
2001 ; Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-439-20635-9 ; $3.99

This book introduces children to how these fascinating creatures move, eat, hide and defend themselves

Whales and DolphinsWhales and Dolphins
Written by Peter and Connie Roop 
Hello Science Reader, Level 1 
2000 ; Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN: 0-439-09912-9 ; $3.99

This Hello Reader shows a wide variety of whales and dolphins. It focuses on the fact that they are mammals and share some similar traits with humans.

Sea Sums
Written by Joy Hulme 
1997; Hardcover ; Hyperion ; ISBN:0-7868-0170-0 ; $13.95

"Lionfish, polyps, and other coral reef inhabitants are added and subtracted in a series of rhyming word problems...Gouache illustrations are meticulously rendered in muted tones. Detailed descriptions of common coral reef animals are included at the back." 
~The Horn book Guide

The Mother Goose Cook Book The Mother Goose Cookbook: Rhymes and Recipes for the Very Young
Written by Marianna Mayer
1998; Hardcover ; Morrow Junior Books ; ISBN:0-688-15242-2 ; $11.95)

Little ones will enjoy Schwartz's delightful gouache-and-airbrush artwork, which has a slightly old fashioned feeling.

What the Dinosaurs Saw: Animals Living Then and Now (Hello Science Reader, Level 1)
Written by Miriam Schlein
1998; Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN: 0-590-37128-2 ; $3.50

"Well-composed, precise line drawings brightened with watercolors make this an excellent choice for dinosaur buffs. Kids drawn by the cover will find the books central idea an original one: many of the animals and plants from dinosaur days are still around today."

Winter Visitors
Written by Elizabeth Lee O'Donnell
1997 ; Hardcover ;Morrow Junior Books ; ISBN: 0-688-13063-1; $16.00

"A girl and her cat take a walk and return home to find their house being invaded by ten turkeys, nine chickadees, eight snow hares, and so on, including one skunk. Only when the skunk sprays, having been spooked by the cat, do the animals leave."

Thinking About Ants
Written by Barbara Brenner 
1997 ;Hardcover ; Mondo; ISBN:1-57255-210-7 ; $14.95 
Paperback; Mondo; ISBN: 1-57255-209-3 ; $4.95
Selected as an Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children 1998 by National Science Teachers Association / Children's Book Council Joint Committee.

"Brenner invites readers to get down-way down-and take a close look at ants: their colors, bodies, diet, natural enemies, colonies, and reproductive cycle. Schwartz makes the mental foray easy with a set of crisply drafted close-up paintings that somehow avoid being frightening-even when depicting a full-page view of an insect head or soldier ants riping interlopers into fragments." 

Maiden of Northland
Written by Aaron Shepard 
Aesop Accolade List 
1996 ; Hardcover ; Atheneum ; ISBN:0-689-80485-7 ; $16.00

"A retelling from the Finnish myth cycle, the Kalevala, in which the aging hero Vainamoinen and the great smith Ilmarinen compete for the hand of Aila, the maiden of Northland...Schwartz's gouache illustrations are vivid and appealing, with jewel-like colors and crisp lines…An unusual and appealing addition." 
~School Library Journal

Endangered Animals
Written by Faith McNulty 
1996; Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-22859-5 ; $3.50

This is part of the Hello Reader series about how and why animals become endangered.

Animals in the Snow
Written by Margaret Wise Brown 
1995 ; Hardcover ; Hyperion ; ISBN:0-7868-0039-9; $14.95

"A simple, repetitive, narrative follows five animals through a snowy day during which they are joined by a boy and girl at play." ~School Library Journal

Where's That Spider?
Written by Barbara Brenner and Bernice Chardiet 
1999; Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN: 0-590-12818-3 ; $4.99

This is the sixth book in the Scholastic Hide & Seek Science series, and presents many different types of spiders for children to discover.

Where's That Bat?
Written by Barbara Brenner and Bernice Chardiet 
1999 ; Paperback; Scholastic ; ISBN: 0-590-12819-1 ; $4.99

As part of the Scholastic Hide & Seek Science series, this bat book is full of strange looking creatures for the reader to find.

Where's That Cat?
Written by Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 
1995 ; Hardcover ;Scholastic ISBN:0-590-45216-9; $10.95 
Paperback; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-45217-7 ; $4.95

"This title combines basic information on cats of all kinds--from tabbies to tigers-with attractive, full color paintings that readers must study closely in order to answer guessing-game questions posed by the text." 
~School Library Journal

Where's That Fish?
Written by Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 1994 ; Hardcover; Scholastic ;ISBN:0-590-45214-2 $10.95 
Paperback; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-45215-0 ; $4.95

This hide and seek science book has lots of information on many different types of fish.

Where's That Reptile?
Written by Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 
1993 ; Hardcover ; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-45212-6 ;$10.95 
Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-45213-4 ; $4.95

"In an addition to Scholastic's Hide and Seek Science series, budding naturalists will have fun finding the camouflaged reptiles hidden on the pages of this vividly illustrated beginning science book...a sure-fire way to inspire young scientists to notice the details of their environment." 
~American Booksellers

Where's That Insect?
Written by Barbara Brenner & Bernice Chardiet 
1993 ; Hardcover; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-45210-X ; $10.95 
Paperback ; Scholastic ; ISBN:0-590-45211-8 ; $4.95

"Each double-page spread of this trivia book invites readers to search for an insect in the full-page watercolor illustration…Schwartz captures the minute detail of the insect world in bright bold colors that are a definite invitation for browsing." 
~School Library Journal

Goodnight to Annie
Written by Eve Merriam 
1992 ; Hardcover ; Hyperion ; ISBN:1-56282-205-5 ; $14.95 
Paperback Hyperion ; ISBN:0-7868-1005-X ; $4.95

"In an ABC book just right for bedtime reading, a cheerful painting of pajama-clad Annie...sets the stage for the pictures to follow, each of which introduces a large, clear letter set against a background of calm, dozy (sometime unusual) activity." 

Sea Squares
Written by Joy Hulme 
1991 ; Hardcover Hyperion ;ISBN:1-56282-079-6; $13.95 
Paperback ; Hyperion ;ISBN:1-56282-520-8 ; $4.95 
Selected as an Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children 1991 
by National Science Teachers Association, Children's Book Council joint committee. 
Named as a "Children's Choice for 1992" and "Favorite Paperback for 1994" 
by International Reading Association & Children's Book Council, joint committee. 
Selected for Original Art show at Society of Illustrators 1992

"Children will take a step from basic counting into multiplication with these delightful sea creatures as guides" 
~Book Links

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