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Kitson Jazynka

I've been writing in one format or another pretty much my whole life. When I was a kid, I loved writing letters and post cards to aunts, uncles and cousins who lived far away. In the second grade I was awarded the status of “author in residence” after I wrote a story about talking a piece of chalk. The thing I remember most was being hugged by the principal of the school, that was a little intimidating! Today, most of my writing life is focused on magazine articles and children's books. And a lot of email!

Two things have been a constant throughout my life: my love of animals and a desire to share stories, especially with children. I write non-fiction books and articles for children on subjects from amazing animals like horses, lions, wolves and tigers to seals, sled dogs and squirrels, plus some pretty incredible kids, too.

I write fictional books for the Boys Camp Books and non-fiction books for children for the National Geographic Society. I also write for lots of fun magazines like National Geographic KidsAmerican Girl and Young Rider as well as KidsPost in the Washington Post. I blog about horses hereWith a friend, I co-write a blog about horses called The Sweet Feed.

I work from home in a sunny attic room. My husband and I have two sons, two German Shepherd dogs and one very tolerant cat. My horse, Taff, lives nearby in Potomac, Maryland. If only he could live in my front yard! I keep a picture of my horse in the kitchen window. It's almost as good as being able to see a horse outside my house.

My animals and my boys keep me full of ideas and full of laughs. Recently, we went on an amazing safari adventure in South Africa which gave me lots of new ideas for books and articles. Just the other day, I interviewed a little girl for a story while sitting in a field with her family’s baby goats. I loved it when one of the mother goats took a bite out of my notes paper!

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