Author: Annandale, VA
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Books: Author of picture books, easy-readers, reader's theatre, and nonfiction including:

Santa's Underwear; Emily and Carlo; Who Was William Penn?; The Prairie Adventure of Sarah and Annie, Blizzard Survivors; Clara Morgan and the Oregon Trail Journey; The Prison-Ship Adventure of James Forten, Revolutionary War Captive; John Greenwood’s Journey to Bunker Hill; President Lincoln, Willie Kettles, and the Telegraph Machine; Prisoner for Liberty; Washington Is Burning; Saving the Liberty Bell; The Schoolchildren’s Blizzard.

Fee: Grades K-5

Washington, D.C. area. $175 for one 35-45-minute presentation. $300 for two back-to-back presentations. Group size maximum 90 students or under

Features: I know how to use humor to enliven a talk and to captivate a young audience. I tell the children how I became a writer, and urge them to discover their writer within. We talk about history and historical fiction and their similarities/differences. I discuss my research techniques and the wonder of primary sources. I share why I chose to write the books I did and give the children tips on where to find their own ideas. I show my very messy brainstorming pages, rough drafts, edited pages, and proofs to help explain how a book is created. A question and answer session will follow my talk. The purpose of my presentation is to inspire young people to write.



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