Author: Annapolis, Md.
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Books: Chadwick the Crab; Chadwick and the Garplegrungen; Chadwick's Wedding; Chadwick Forever; Meet Chadwick;The Chadwick Coloring Book; Toulouse, The Story of a Canada Goose; Chesapeake A,B,C, Chesapeake 1,2,3 and Chesapeake Rainbow; Beetle Boddiker, Santa Claws The Christmas Crab; and Beddy Bye in the Bay. Also, eight novels: Autumn Journey: A Face First; Saving Grace; Red Kayak; What Mr. Mattero Did; Blindsided; The Journey Back; and Cheating for the Chicken Man.
Fee: Elementary Schools: Fees start at $350 for one local (Annapolis) presentation. Generally, $800 for two 45-minute, back-to-back talks; and $1250 for a full day with three talks and a story to Pre-K and/or K.  For out-of-state visits, please contact the author.

Middle Schools: Fees start at $975 for two one-hour talks; $1400 for a full day at school with three talks. For visits beyond an hour’s drive, mileage may be added and some visits may require lodging for one night. For out-of-state visits, please contact the author.

Availability: Pre-K and K through Grade 5 or 6: Picture book talk. Using Chadwick the Crab, the author takes her audience through the making of a picture book: coming up with the idea, naming characters, the writing - and rewriting, the art work, the dummy - and submission to publishers.

Middle School (and sometimes grade 5): The author tells her story of how she became a writer and then takes her young audiences through the research and writing of a novel, using examples from all her chapter books.

For more information, please visit the author’s web site:

Features: The Chadwick the Crab series and three other books weave together fact and fiction and take place in and around the Chesapeake Bay. In The Chadwick Talk, the author takes her audience through the process of bookmaking - from the inception of an idea to the writing (and rewriting) to the finished product. The author can do a different talk for older children on researching, writing and creating characters for her novels.



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