Author: Annapolis, MD
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Nonfiction: Captain John Smith's Big and Beautiful Bay (picture book); The Biggest (and Best) Flag That Ever Flew (picture book); The Mystery of Mary Surratt: The Plot to Kill President Lincoln; The President Has Been Shot: True Stories of the Attacks on Ten U.S. Presidents; contributed to The Human Odyssey and The American Odyssey history series.

Novels: The Believers; Germy Blew ItGermy Blew It -- Again!; Germy Blew The Bugle; Germy in Charge; Madeline and the Great (Old) Escape Artist; Angie and Me.

Picture Books: Great Aunt Martha; Matthew and Tilly; Down at the Bottom of the Deep Dark Sea; I Am Not Afraid; The Biggest, Meanest, Ugliest Dog in the Whole Wide World; and nonfiction picture books listed above.

Fee: Fee: $400 for two back-to-back sessions within 50 miles of my home in Annapolis, $150 for each additional same-day session. Call or email for rates beyond 50 miles.
Availability: Grades K-2: Interactive story-telling session about the making of a picture book. Between 45 minutes to an hour, including questions.

Grades 3-5: The Ups and Downs of Writing (and Rewriting). About an hour, including questions.

Grades 5-8: Do-It-Yourself Research: How to track down facts, interview people, and tell the story. About an hour, including questions.

Libraries, teacher conferences, etc.: I can work with you to develop a program that fits your needs.

Features: I draw on experience as a children's author, magazine editor, TV and newspaper reporter, and teacher. And I try to make it fun.



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