Illustrator/Author: Berwyn Heights, MD
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Books: Anthills and Apartments, Making a House a Home; Why Did We Have to Move Here?; When William Went Away; The Block Party; People Say Hello; Stan Packs; Bubsy; Jeremy and the Aunties; Jeremy and the Air Pirates; Folk Rhymes from Around the World; The Big Carrot Cookbook; The Lucy Waverman Cookbook; Ezzie's Emerald; Inside-Out; Wheniwasalittlegirl; and Corey's Story
Fee: Writing and Illustrating a Picture Book (program for children K-6): $350 for one talk, plus $100 for each additional back to back classroom presentations, up to a day of five presentations at the same school. I donate autographed copies of my latest books to your school, library, or organization when I visit. For programs outside the Baltimore/Washington, DC area, an additional travel allowance may be charged. This program works best with a group of 30-50 students, a maximum of 90.
Availability: All ages, anywhere; (children or adult programs).
Features: I always tell students that ideas for my stories are based on personal experience and that I use my imagination to shape and mold the story. After reading my picture book, Why Did We Have to Move Here?, I ask the students to think about which events in the story might have happened to me. They usually guess correctly that many of the humorous and awkward situations experienced by the child in the story, actually happened to me each time my family moved when I was young. Then I talk about the editorial process and share some of the changes that were made to the story. I explain some of the concepts behind successful book design and show the students the "thumbnail sketches" on my page layouts. I show the students how I prepare the paper and apply the pencil, ink, and finally the watercolor layers to each illustrations. I have the original color proofs with the color separations on individual transparencies. This clearly and dramatically shows the students the concept of full color printing. Finally, I display the printer's signature, unfolded, just as it would come off the press. I welcome any questions from students throughout my program and conclude by allowing them to have a close-up look at the original sketches and illustrations.
Awards and Experience: For the picture book, Why Did We Have To Move Here? (Carolrhoda Books, 1997) Selected for the Children's Literature Choice List for 1998 and awarded the American Booksellers Association Pick of the List for Fall 1997; honored with the Early Literacy and Reading Award in 2002 from ACEI (Association of Childhood Education International)



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